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About Us

New Ideas, new Team, and as always amazing Beers. Due to Corona we pressed our restart button. Here we are Craftmühle 2.0 better than ever. A twisted plot brought us to this point, where our beers not only took back the 12 beer taps but at the first time in history also the team of zip's took over the management. It brings many advantages when a gastropub is managed by a team of the brewery itself. We, the zip's brewhouse and restaurant are a subsidiary of world-wide spread brewery manufacturer and installer, the parent company ZIP Tech who set up breweries in more than 20 countries of the world. We have relatives all around the Globe. After we opened a beer heaven at our hometown: Miskolc, Hungary. It was clear for us that our next step would bring us to Vienna. Here we are with the Craftmühle which is a remote gastropub with an undefeatable variety of beers brewed by a local-global-craftbeer-trademark. We are restlessly working on evolving to the best beer bar in Vienna.

-Carefully picked core beers

-Regular international guest beers

-Creative gastronomical experience (though eternal hits and continuous novelties)

-Beer gastronomy

-with intercultural creative programs